Monday, January 12, 2009

chasing the moon

for whatever reason january 10th was to be the biggest moon all year. something about the orbit of the moon would bring it closer to the earth that it will be again all year. resulting in the largest moon of the year. anyway i thought i would try to get some pictures. we drove out of town hoping to find a place to catch it as soon as it came up over the horizon.
in the process, my sister spotted this eagle. "there's an eagle. pull over. hurry up, pull over" with all the screaming, i guess we didn't think about sneeking up on him. obviously he saw us too, at first i thought he just couldn't be bothered, but then he decided to try to ditch us. so we got back in the car and chased him. amazingly we caught up to him casually sitting on a dead tree on love lake. our lame attempt to be covert didn't really work out...he spotted us again, he thought about ignoring us...but then he was off.

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