Saturday, July 11, 2009

lucky in the face of change!

i love when the universe tilts and i am forced to go in a new direction! i am lucky,because i have had to face change so many times, i am ok to just let go and go with it.
but to see it happen to someone that i love, is painful to watch! i watch as they either struggle to make a change that is not meant to be, or they resist a change that has taken their lives in an unplanned, unwanted direction.
it is like watching a child trying to stop coming down a slide, or continually crawling into door jams.
acceptance and faith seem easy to think about, but i think they are very painful to learn... i love my children so much and am so happy that i was able to spend time with them this summer! God has given me many blessings!

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  1. this is so funny!! i love this picture, it makes me feel like a celebrity