Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i don't remember what it was like to have a life...what does one do? at least mel will be calling a texting me a thousand times a day! so have you seen that movie elizabeth town? " i am getting on the plane with the blue suit, i am going to bury dad, and i am going home and getting back on that bike! " should i really be thinking of ways to kill myself? no, no lets stay focused! she will be getting off the bus at 4... i can live till then.
but it is barely 9:30 and i have stripped the beds, done 3 loads of laundry, put the house plants in the shower, cleaned the kitchen.... i think i will take her some lunch and come home and vaccume under all the furniture!
i have to change my playlist...we need something reallllly angry to start with...that is the best way to not cry...anger, lots of angry cleaning!

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