Thursday, April 22, 2010

little girl yoga master!

ok i have decided that i need to open a yoga studio for kids..... star could be the instructor... here is her amazing "look mom i can make a circle with my body" pose. and the smartie pants doing yoga while in time out.... i know the pix is side ways, i am better at yoga than i am at digital photography!


  1. That is actually a GREAT idea. I know lots of mommies down here in Phoenix who would love for their kids to go to yoga. BTW - you were never a lame friend. You were the best sort of friend. I have nothing but fun and wonderful memories of you.

  2. thx, i try not to be lame all the time! i have actually thought about a yoga studio.... a friend of mine just told me i am writing a new chapter in my life! when i am off these meds i will be able to move forward....wait were was i going? (: