Sunday, April 11, 2010

what does that have to do with me?

we watched jordyn for about 12 hrs on was a nice day and they played outside for alot of the day. now my mother insists that i need new clothes, i hate going shopping, it makes me physically ill! i just wish clothes would appear in my closet! when i get my book published the first thing i will do is hire a professional shopper!
anyway mom and i are shopping online while the girls are outside playing, jordyn comes in and says "aunt sarah, star stuck her tongue out at me" i studder and stammer and come up with "ok, what does that have to do with me? what am i supposed to do about that?" she didn't know how to respond to those questions and just went back outside to play. i looked at mom and said "what was i supposed to say to that?" she says "come on you have been a mom for a long time" "yes but never to more than one child at a time." melanie and colt are 8 yrs apart and colt and star are 10 yrs apart.
"you say,' tell star i said that was not nice and not to do that again', that way you are acknowledging that you care about their problem and when star hears that, she will come in and tell her side of the story...." so we waited, but neither of them came back in to tell on the other. it occurred to me, well made me wonder, either i am incapable in interpersonal communications and they gave up on trying to relate to me, or i handled it right by forcing them to work it out themselves......? it is not as easy as it looks to be insane!


  1. I wish more children would learn to work things out for themselves. Good job. I will take you shopping ANYTIME. Next time you're in Phoenix, give me a call. My love of clothes has not gone away (though I'm often in sweats!).

  2. MOM!! I swear you are the most enlightened person I know! I am determined to grow up to be just like you! I love you

  3. Hi Sarah, First I need to tell you that I love your honesty about your struggles, about your life.

    I had to chuckle at the tongue incident. Don't you just want to do that to some people!!! lol

    And, I think it's good for kids to learn to work out their own stuff in a lot of situations.

    Is Melanie your daughter? What a precious comment she left you.

    I hope your clothes shopping was successful, and thanks for your comment left on my blog.
    I was a little late in posting yesterday!

    Blessings and hugs!

  4. hi mary, yes melanie is my daughter.... star calls her cici (baby talk for sister) she a real blessing to me! i couldn't get through my day with out her. that is her beautiful wedding pix on my side bar.
    thx for your comments,it makes me feel special. yes honesty is quality i have in abundance, to much for most peoples taste! (: i love your blog!

  5. The little kit from Alex toys would be so helpful for Star. It makes it super easy to roll the beads. Tell precious Star hello for me!