Saturday, May 8, 2010

yesterday i was sitting at the bus stop waiting for star's bus, and a police car went by in the direction her bus would be coming from. then another police car, then another police car, then a fire truck, then an ambulance, then another fire truck, then another fire truck......i was getting so panicked i thought i was going to throw up! i was texting melanie as fast as i could! my daughter in all her wisdom sayes "mom is something happened to the school bus they would not send 3 fire trucks and an ambulance, they would send 1 fire truck and 80 ambulances!" so she was right, the bus showed up on time and here is star enjoying her after school little girl cocktail of ginger ale and cranberry juice! life is good! (:


  1. Wise girl your Melanie. Still, a mom panics, it's natural. I still do it and Meghan is 24! Is Star sporting a front to back french braid? I use to do Meg's hair like that all the time, also the over top, side to side, like my good old friend Sarah!

  2. I have had those moments. Our thoughts can get away from us can't they.

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Oof. It's a Mama's lot, I think.
    Yay for goodies on the porch! :)