Sunday, June 27, 2010

mountain blessings....

this last week has been a hard one! now i am all alone, star has gone for her yearly week of horror with the dud..... my poor baby! she didn't want to go she cried herself to sleep friday night and she woke up crying saterday morning. after she left i thought about crying and crying and ending of the day by taking a handful of pills but that little voice in my head told me to get up and get out of the house. so i went for a drive up the mountain and found an arts and crafts fair. i walked around and bought myself a truckers cap that says "princess" on it and found this amazing amethyst ring which i bought for 10$ i took it as a gift from the universe and will wear it everyday all week to remind myself that my Father in Heaven loves me and is watching over my baby!


  1. Yes He does love you! Oh my mommy I adore you! Deep breaths, this too shall pass

  2. He is watching over both of you. The ring is just lovely. The week will fly by, get some rest and keep going out to explore and be present with nature. Sending thoughts of love and healing.