Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sunset mingus mountain

i have been feeling the need to move in a new direction.... so i changed my background and my header.....! i will be devoting my efforts to counting my blessing for as long as.... i wanted to share this amazing image i caught by chance this weekend. we went up mingus mountain for a cookout, we waited for evening in hopes it would cool off. so we got up on top right as the sun was setting..... we ran down to the lookout point just time to see this....we were indeed blessed because as we stood there in awe.... the clouds rolled in with the thunder and the lightening and we looked at each other and knew it was rain on our parade.... but said a prayer and suddenly the wind changed and it all blew the other way, we had our hot dogs and smores and then counted the stars with my star and knew we were blessed!

1 comment:

  1. A blessing indeed (and with s'mores - yum!). I was just commenting this morning when asked where do I see miracles and I said, every sunrise and sunset!