Saturday, September 4, 2010

good harvest time!

i have a lot of blessing today..... our friends the Nomkeni's who live on the navajo reservation came to visit us today! i am never happier than when i have a house full of hungry people to feed!
we have known their family for a long time and i have watched their kids grow up with mine.... their oldest son Jaren is too cool for words! he has turned into a giant of a man! (well at 15) his father is a hopi and his mother is a navajo, so he has grown up tri lingual.... how cools is that? he can't be bothered with sports but his very proud of the fact that his grandmother has taught him to weave rugs and he can knit and crochet... not to mention his amazing turquoise jewelry!
star got out her dry erase board and jaren started writing in navajo..... i was stunned, 20 yrs ago i grew up very near the navajo reservation and i can remember that the native's didn't have a written language.... but they have worked and worked and gotten it all written down.
jaren said they had to add symbols to their alphabet to include sounds that do not happen in the english language....if you have never heard navajo spoken i can't really discribe it, but there are alot of clicking sounds and back of your throat sounds..... it is amazing to see their society evolving right before my eyes! this combination of symbols, represents a click you make with your tongue, so i asked him what he was righting, "what does the last part say?" he said "this says september..... well not really september but something like 'good harvest time".......

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