Thursday, October 28, 2010

f is for...?

ok i have been a mom way too long not to think of this spongebob fun song when i wondered "what is f for?" this is a thursday post for miss jenny's alphbe thursday....
but really for me f is for family history! i have been researching my family history and have so many cool family photo's i am becoming quite obsessed! this is the photo of the George Washington Murry i shared on my "grandparents day" post last week... he sits with his whole family... my great great grandmother (Mary Antoinette Murry) is the daughter standing up in the middle with the dark shirt and the white tie... every friday i do a grandparents day post... and i promise to include more detailed stories with dates and places... and i am determined to figure out how to make a linky in the hopes that someone else might have a cool story or photo to share... at the very least, research you own family history and i promise you will find a lot more things to love about yourself! thanks miss jenny! happy thursday!


  1. I love family history!! I have recently learned quite a bit about my dad's side of the family simply because my 10 y/o had to do a heritage project. That is the site I went to. You can do it for free but you don't get to pick your own name for the Meme. I think I spent all of $5 so I could name my own.

  2. Love the 'fun' song. My husband used to have a SpongeBob alarm clock that played that song. Okay, so it isn't quite as fun early in the morning.
    Family history is really cool. It's like a giant puzzle with you as one of the pieces. Best of luck with it!

  3. I love researching family history also!

  4. Oh that is the first time I have ever watched or heard any song from SPonge Bob.. Believe me, I had my years of Disney though. My kids are older so we never had sponge

    I like your site and wanted to tell you, thanks for dropping by mine..


  5. What a great "old" family photo! The clothes and hairstyles are so interesting!

  6. I've watch Sponge Bob so much that the FUN song will be forever eternally etched in my brain. Your family photo is terrific...what a wonderful thing to have in your possession.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for coming by. I would love it if you would join me for National Novel Writing Month!

    BTW, in the real world, I am a genealogist. I work for banks and lawyers identifying heirs to estates, so I understand the Genealogy obsession!

    Let me know what you decide!!!

  8. No! NO! Not Sponge Bob! Accckkk! Our youngest Grand is obsessed with that show...

    It made me laugh, though...I think I know it by heart!

    And I love the names in your family. Do you have a post explaining the why's of the famous names? I would totally enjoy reading that.

    Thanks for linking this week to Alphabe-Thursday.

    This was a great post.