Monday, October 11, 2010

monday's child

welcome to our rainbow coven
our rainbow socks we are a' loven
we have monster house plants
we sing spells and chants
i guess winter warlocks
prefer green socks
oh who cares about that?
just look at her hat!
but its' ok we love that cat
and anyway she stirs real nice
it's my big job to feed the mice
we have books with wings
their' magic too, they make us sing
that's what we like, our bubbly green stew
we love it here! it's what we do!

happy monday to all! star loved this prompt we had fun with this one! halloween in rainbows, now thats the good stuff!


  1. love how you took all the colors out of this illustration and painted them into this fun piece of poetry and bubbly green the rainbow socks and all the fun things going on around these three characters...and you did a wonderful job of seeing that they and everyone else - has a great time and lots of stew to eat....thank you so much for posting at Monday's Child....bkm

  2. What a wonderful rainbow poem, just perfect, I loved it! :o)

  3. oh sarah...this is adorable...wel the rainbow writing too...hee hee hee!!!xxx mine is up, woud love for you to come and

  4. I quite enjoy these posts. I'm sure you both do like putting them together as well. The colors are the perfect addition!

  5. it would be my job to feed the mice too :)

    lovely rainbow writing :)

  6. How cool is that!? I love what you have done here; the humor and color are so creative - you have really inspired me to join again - I keep saying that I will but . . . Thank you too for your kind visit, it means so much, xoxo

  7. very sweet colorful rainbow poem!! and i love the fun illustration to go with it!! thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!! :)))

  8. The colorful rainbow poem is great and the illustration is so cute. Thanks for your comment and yes, I think I will drag out the slow cooker!!!!! Now if I can just figure out what to put in it!!!