Monday, October 25, 2010

monday's child

she has a tea set just like me
is that snow outside?
i can't quite see...
she always wins at cards
when she plays by herself
where is her mother?
put those toys back on the shelf!
her baby with no dress
watches from the window seat
are those cookies on the carpet?
oh what a special treat!
oh who cares about stuff on the floor
she's having fun
let her make a mess galore!

ok so this week it was the three of us working this one out... it is the conversation that happened when star and i looked at the prompt above, to see if we could come up with something for monday's child this one was fun to put together... and yes it was my 16 yr old son who came up with "stuff on the floor, mess galore"! fun stuff! happy monday to all!


  1. I love it all. The image (just my style), the great poem and the best part is of course, the collaboration.

  2. This is charming and fun....let her make a mess galore...i love it! :-)

  3. How lovely and beautiful and you are truly blessed when the whole family comes together to write a poem revealing such joy....messes are a beautiful thing indeed...thank you for posting Sarah and Star and your 16th year old too.

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  5. I agree with bkm - wonderful that you and your whole family participates! And the last line is my favorite - way to go! Every time I see you poems I miss Monday's Child - I just need to get on it . . .
    Thank you too for your advice from your Uncle - I love that theory too - and whew, I feel so much better! xoxoxo

  6. Nice to meet you and your family via this Monday's Child poem, which is adorable! How fun to make it a family project.

    I am going to try that next week with my 4th grade girl who is already writing her own poems and short stories. Never thought about collaborating with her.

    Thanks for the idea. I am so excited!

    My poem is HERE

  7. Floors were created to hold mess...! :)

  8. Just lovely, let her make a mess galore...of course! :o)