Friday, October 15, 2010

celtic lady contest

So I sit and wait

in my silver satin and lace

I try to think,

I just stare into space...

my head starts to spin,

in my green velvet chair

I try to pretend

I just don't care

my cats are with me

and they watch for

what is evil and scary

and only folklore

it's the fear of an end

I know the crows warn

but something must die

for one thing to be born

I'm a creator of life

I look at my flowers

but I have conjured death

I am not afraid of my powers

so where is he now?

How long must I wait?

Is this the death that I see?

Would this be called fate?

I took out my umbrella

but it wasn't enough

to shield me

from this emotional stuff

behind me I know

are my potions and spells

but nothing I could do

would equal his self made hells....

ok this was written for a comptition for the celtic lady... just a quick little poem put together to go with the prompt above...


  1. How clever of you to post this fabulous poem ans not give any of the back story!!! This is definitely a winner and all that I could have asked for.

  2. Oops! Mea culpa!

    When I read this the first time I did not see your final paragraph were you say what you wrote this for.

  3. yay! yippy! i am so happy! (: many blessings today!