Saturday, December 18, 2010

grandparent's day!

i have not done a grandparents day post in two weeks... so today i wanted to share Amos Wright Whisenhunt, who was born april 4th 1882/1883 in hot springs, garland, arkansas and his lovely bride Allie Francis Veteto who was born march 21st 1883 in lexington henderson, tennessee. they are the parents of my grandma Sarah Gertrude Whisenhunt who i was named for...

we seem to be having some struggles this Christmas and i thought grampa and gramma's story may be applicable... first let me say how much a adore the Whisenhun
ts! i think really i take more after the Mckeever's honestly, or maybe the Veteto's, i am kinda small and sorta frail and loud and bossy... ok the loud and bossy may be Veteto...
anyway the way my dad tells their story is "gramma always spoke with a tiny broken raspy voice because grandpa broke her voice box..." yeah domestic violence goes way back in our family... ok you think you know how you feel about grandpa "Wright" is
what they called him.. that is what it says over the picture "Wright and Granny" my dad tells it "granny was mean, she would never stop getting in his face and screaming at how he was doing it wrong, one day he was going out to get on his horse to get away from her and she followed him out of the house and he turned around and grabbed her by the throat..." yes they were indeed quite a couple! they eventually divorced... wright live till 1958 he is buried in hugo, choctaw oklahoma, and allie lived till 1961 and she is buried glover, mccurtin oklahoma...
i love love love my ancestors and am so blessed to know so much about them! i love the whisenhunts and will be sharing more stories of their childen and grandchildren! my grandma sarah and her brothers were too much! (:

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