Sunday, April 25, 2010

now i realize that she is over indulged and spoiled, but things are getting out of control for this "less is more kind of mom!" so yesterday, star and i started a project to make a hair pretty organizer! it is no doubt a proto type! but she is very happy with it! and i am slowly realizing the value of having a few more! yes she has so much hair stuff that it wouldn't begin to all fit, and i am envisioning a jewelry display for all my slum shop/flea market treasures! stuff!


  1. Adorable! I remember making a quilt for my mom at your house a million years ago. She still has it! You crafty girls.

  2. Ok mom, seriously, its not fair how crafty you are. And I love her face in that last pic. "here is the amazing hair pretty holder my mom made just for me so I can continue to be a princess every day!" haha