Monday, April 26, 2010

we went to the lake yesterday! i decided i should stop taking pix of my daughter and check out the amazingness of God's gifts, i was so happy to catch this beauty and then was thrilled beyond belief to be blessed to see him with his mate! i love that they look just alike! very pretty day!


  1. What kind of bird is that? It's remarkable. I've never seen anything quite like it. Which lake is that? I love cattails. Looks like a lovely day. I'm pulling 16 hour days at my desk as of late. Some nature looks good. Leaving for a much needed vacation Friday. Thanks for the little escape.

  2. i really don't know, i will google it and see what i can find out. i was really happy when the second showed up. they were sitting 6 maybe 8 feet apart. i really am not a photographer like you, the shot i got really was lucky! i kept going down the shoreline to get at an angle where i could get them both in the same shot.....woodland lake in pinetop, very pretty! hang in there! friday will be here soon! (: