Thursday, September 23, 2010

thrift store blessings.......

and today i have been blessed indeed! i had to go into town and after i got done with all my important business i thought i would treat myself to some thrift shopping.... i love going to thrift stores and flea markets.... i feel like it gives the universe a chance to give me what i need instead of just finding what i think i want... anyway i was lead right too this amazing find! two bags of baby french angora thread!!! i know! they were not marked so i cautiously asked the clerk and he casually said "i don't know, a dollar a bag..."!!! i know!
i felt a tiny bit sad,... both bags had projects started and it is obvious someone ones gramma was making special gifts and passed away... and her kids just bagged up the whole craft room and donated it..... ): but i am grateful the spirit led me to it and i am glad i listened! only my granny could have known how much i love this gift and how i am feeling right now! don't know what i will make yet, but for now i will hold it love it and soak up the good! ( i will feel bad about taking out the work already done.... but i crochet, i don't knit...well maybe now it the time to learn....) anyway thx granny! i am feeling the love! happy day!

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  1. What a precious find! It is sad that her project ended up in a thrift shop like that, but I'm happy someone like you found it. I'm sure you'll make something lovely out of that pretty yarn...just like she started to do. :) Paulette