Thursday, September 23, 2010

grandparent's day!

a couple of weeks ago star had "grandparents day" at her school..... her gramma got to go to school and they had lunch..... fun stuff! i was thinking "i wish i was having a grandparents day!" i was having a dream last night that i was sitting with my granny in her sweet little house..... missing my grandparents today, i was blessed with the amazing ones!


  1. I was as well and I got to have them into my adulthood - feel so lucky. My daughter's relationship with my Irish Nana was something to behold. The photo is wonderful - who is it?

  2. grandparents are amazing! the little girl in the photo is my mother's mother, my grandma betty, and her parents my great grandparents mary and john bowen..... i don't know if you remember, but for a little while when i was in high school my gramma mary (granny) lived in that little house down the street from us across the street from the library..... but for most of my childhood she lived in california and i spent all my summers going there to see her! feeling sad today without! ): ok enuf of that.... busy being mom!