Wednesday, September 29, 2010

grandparent's day!

i decided last week that one day a week here at blessing will be grandparents day! i am very excited about this idea, but thinking out who to start with was a real undertaking... we have done a lot of research on our family history, and we have a lot of really cool photos and amazing stories,
but i decide it would make the most sense to start with myself.... yes i am proud grand parent! this is a picture of me holding my baby and adoring my grandbaby! i love this picture! i think it really shows the passion i have for this new and ultra exciting part life! the only thing is, we have gone around and around about is what my grandparent name will be..... obviously my mom is "grandma" and his paternal grandmother is "nana" i really wanted to be the "granny" because of how much i loved my granny, but it didn't seem to fit... melanie thinks i should be "gangee" (funny story of that name) colt agreed with that idea because i could be the "gangster" gramma.... but i am not sure that feels right either...
they live about 6 hrs away so i don't get to see him everyday, just a few times a year... since he is just now talking really well, i think the next time they come down i will just ask him what my name is and see what he says... but yay for cell phones and the internet, because i do get hourly updates and i adore every thing he says and does! it is fun getting older! i don't care what hollywood tries to make us think! (:

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