Tuesday, September 28, 2010

monday's child (i know it's a day late)

w-w-winding yarn
s-s-sisters sit
p-p-pretty bows
too young too knit
tiny shoes
a perfect fitwe found an amazing blog called "monday's child" all about children's poetry, they provide the "prompt" (the picture above... a new one each monday) and then we get to write a poem to go with it! star and i wrote this together..... she is just learning to read, she insisted it be written just the way she said it... i think it is perfect!


  1. Well Star gets a Star for this one...it is lovely and written in Red...adds the icing on the cake...love pieces that are just like children spoke them...very nice...thank you for joining in....good to have you...bkm

  2. such a sweeet poem :)
    i read it like a nursery rhyme :)
    completely adorable :D

  3. Short and sweet. Very cute.
    Yes, completely adorable. You nailed it!

  4. I love her poem! So much I love it!! Make her write one for me!