Thursday, October 7, 2010

c is for chakra

c is for chakra! i know it sounds a little fruity..., but stay with me! my son says, "why do you have to be such a hippy mom?!" well i just am what i am... so here's what i have found out...

a chakra is an energy center in the human body, the word chakra means "wheel" in sanskrit. there are seven main chakra's in the human body - each is an interface for the flow of life energy!

the seven main chakra's are described as being present in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. each chakra is associated with a certain color and each is connected with a certain part of the conscientiousness... i found a few images through google of the chakra, the first has the name of the chakra's and the second tells briefly what that color is associated with...
now let me share what this information means to me... being a Christian i know that all light is the light of Christ. The light from the sun, the light from the moon, the stars, every street light, every night light is the light of Christ. So we all learned in kindergarten that when light shines through a prism it divides into rainbows, so all these facts put together say to me that we are, each one of us, a perfect prism, made in the image of God, designed to reflect the light of Christ. i have been very blessed because i know this to be true! "how do you know?" (yeah i heard you think that!) (: because of the kind of epilepsy i have. i have both complex and partial seizures, one kind that i have is called aura seizures... sometimes i see lights, flashes of light, i can see the light around people. most people only reflect one or two colors, like the picture of this child i found on the internet. i just googled chakra and got 200,000 options.

people for thousands of years have tried to figure all this out, but you don't need an aura photographer to tell you what your colors are, just look in your wardrobe, look at your walls, and the color of your car. you will see the colors you embrace and the simplest way to balance yourself out is to add another color to your palate. personally i have never owned a red car, i have never worn a yellow dress, i have always chosen greens and purples and blues... so this fall as the earth turns in on itself and huddles up for winter i will embrace that and wear some oranges and reds and stop focusing on the spiritual and be part of what is happening here on earth....
what colors do you embrace and why do you think that is?


  1. I love purple, always have since I was a little girl...


  2. This was an interesting post. I'm not terribly familiar with Chakra philosophy. I love color, though, especially certain combinations of colors, like pinks and yellows.

  3. white is the perfect blend of all color before it is refracted into the rainbow... probably if you are attracted to white it would mean you are already balanced! yes jeanette, balance sounds like a word that would describe you! (:

  4. I love chakras, energy, and healing with the energy field. I tend to wear greens and purples. Very interesting post!


  5. Hi Other Hippie mom ('cause that's what my kids call me, too! LOL) I am not a Christian, so for me, the light and emanation of color is a reflection of the divine sparks that were scattered when the vessels of light burst at the time of creation and which now exist in all things (classic Judaic mysticism from the Zohar)

    I have never heard of the balance idea of Chakras and color choice, so I am curious. I prefer black cars, and often wear black clothing. My other clothing choices are heavily weighed into purple and pink. I own almost no blue or green clothing. Intensely dislike the color orange. I never used to wear much white, but now I am wearing it more and more. I have for YEARS said that yellow is my favorite color, although I do not wear it (looks awful with my skin tone) -- I see it is associated with survival issues, and that was, in truth, where and how I was living. I am impressed! Thank you for the wisdom!

  6. welcome seeker!
    a fellow thinker! well done you! obviously, i am a combiner of good ideas kinda girl! i think if what you believe encourages you to be a creator as opposed to a destroyer then you are on the right track!

  7. Interesting. I love purples and blues. I don't know that I believe in chakra but I do know that certain colors "speak" to certain people. I love how you explained the light of Christ, and we reflect that light.

  8. That was interesting but it does not line up with the colors that I lean toward at all. I do also as Christy said in the above comment love the way you used Christ in your explanation.

  9. I found this to be fascinating top on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    I knew part of this but not all.

    And I am still chuckling over the Hippy Mom remark!

    Thanks for linking. I enjoyed this post.


  10. Oh my I have always loved the color red! LOL And sure I want money, and being the mom I have the power, but sex is what got me into that mess. LOL

    In all seriousness though, very interesting. I didn't know much about Chakra before.

  11. This was a most interesting C word! I knew this at one time long ago, so thanks for refreshing my memory!