Friday, October 8, 2010

grandparents day!

i wanted to share this really really really cool image, even though no one in this photo is my grandparent...everyone in this photo is now a grandparent and this photo was taken at my Grandmother Sarah Gertrude's funeral... my father is the top row on the left, he is the 7th child of 8, their youngest brother, my uncle Tommy is not in this photo...
my father is standing next to his brother Leonard, who is actually one of the most devoted grandparents ever! he died in a fire about 10 yrs ago saving his grandchildren! oh the love of grandparents!
if you have a cool photo or story you want to share about grandparents please make a post of your own and you can create a link to this post, i would love to take a peek! (: thanks for sharing!


  1. Last year I did a post for Father's Day - in it is a picture of my grandparents circa 1929.

    I love the picture of your dad's family - thank you for sharing about your uncle - what an amazing man!

  2. I love looking at old photos, even if they're not of my own family. There's just something special about them. Your dad was very handsome, and bless is brother for saving his grandchild. I hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend!...That birthday party a couple of posts below looked amazing! I just have sons so there was never anything really girlie going on over here...except for the things I play with! xo Paulette

  3. What a handsome family, and what a heartbreaking story. Now that I am a grandma, though, I completely understand how he could have gone into the flames.