Thursday, November 4, 2010

g is for gift!

g is for gift! yes it true i got a gift in the mail yesterday! just look at the amazingness! a 1941 saint george medal from WWII, i really love it more than words can say... but i will try to tell you.
a dear friend of mine from high school (which was a really long time ago) is not only a great friend but and amazing artist... jeanette from everton terrace

found this medal during her travels and re-purposed it into this necklace! she paired with this turquoise stone and put it on a long gold chain! i love love love it! have i said how much i love it? we have had a really hard week around here... we caught something really scary over halloween weekend and everyone has been home sick... i am sure every mom understands it sucks to have sick kids, but i really can't cope if they are sick on the same day i am sick! taking turns is best! we had the worst flu ever and i have done nothing but laundry and sanitize the house... ahhhhh!
but my gift came with this amazing card which reads... we are all warriors- just with our own battles. thank you so much for 'accepting' this gift. i hope it reminds you of how many victories you have! you have great power!....
what wonderfulness! i am blessed for sure! happy thursday to all!


  1. I'm so pleased you like it and it has found the right home. How lucky we all are.

  2. What a lovely gift!

    All I got in the mail yesterday was bills!

  3. What a beautiful & uplifting message!
    It's wonderful to have a lovely necklace but more so the gift of friendship : )
    You are blessed to have both!

  4. The medal is wonderful. What a special gift!

  5. I hope you guys start feeling better!

    I think that's a really neat gift and I love love love the message she sent with it =)

  6. The gift is awesome (and beautiful) but I agree with you the note was amazing!!!

  7. What great timing! You really needed a pick-me-up. I hope everyone is recovering okay?

  8. What a wonderful gift, but the words in the card are amazing!!

  9. I agree...those are wonderfully wise words. You have a very good friend. Sorry to hear you and your family were ailing. We had a similar battle in September.

  10. How blessed are you!! I love that medal, well done Jeanette! I love you, and you are gonna feel better asap, I can feel the winds of change! hehehe

  11. What a lovely gift!

    And doesn't it amaze you sometimes how things happen at just the right time?

    Thank you for this lovely and uplifting link on Alphabe-Thursday's letter G.

    I am greatful you linked it.