Friday, November 12, 2010

grandparent's day!

this week for grandparents day i thought i would share an amazing blessing that has found it's way into my life...
first let me tell you how i love books! here are three i have found in thrift shops and antique stores this week... i love them even if they are coming apart... i love to imagine the hands that have held them and the people who were excited to learn what knowledge they had in their hands...!
i found one which is titled "the children's book of hymns"

(may i say i am addicted to antique hymnals!) they absolutely glow with the energy that has come from people who held them and sang to the God's of their understanding....
so anyway, on the inside cover of this book is the inscription "with a heartful of love to my Big Pink Angel- Kathryn from 'nana' on her 8th birthday september 27-1945"

grand parents are wonderful no matter what the year! amazing find! i couldn't be happier! i am so blessed!


  1. What a charming find, Sarah. I love old things, and wondering about the folks who had and loved them before me...Such a sweet inscription! Enjoy your weekend, Sweetie! xo Paulette

  2. What charming finds. I love books!