Sunday, November 14, 2010

monday's child

pumpkin pie!
i'll serve this guy!
up in the sky?
he can't fly high...
love my hat?
have some of that!
squash and corn on the ground sat!
food and love is where it's at!

ok this was a really fun fall prompt for monday's child! star really got into this one... i am sure they are learning about the first thanksgiving in first grade this year! we really do have so much to be thankful for! ignore the news and count your blessings this week! and yes i really do love her hat! i never thought of myself as a hat person... but i think i am becoming one... this week i have received orders for hats, both mens, womens and "baby beanies" is what mellie calls them, and fingerless gloves and now my cousin wants some "idiot mittens... time to get ready for the holidays! (and i really don't crochet all that well) seasons greetings....! time to get busy! (:


  1. That is so and food is where its at that the true blessing of Thanksgiving...happy to see you and Sarah

  2. Greetings, How are you?
    It is a thrill to pay you a visit today!
    We have some special awards/treats for week 11 participants, and
    Old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome .
    Hope to see you in..
    We treasure your support !
    Have A Terrific Wednesday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Ahead!