Thursday, November 18, 2010

I is for "i have a secret!"

this post is for miss jenny's alphabe-thrusday... this weeks letter is I....

before i tell you my secret... let me establish the value of this... thanks to the "stats" on my blog i have noticed that not all of my readers are here in arizona... many are not even in the usa... the point being that some may not be experienced in desert survival... arizona has many different elevations, but it is all desert (determined by amount of rainfall, or rather the lack of)
so even though we live at a higher elevation
we are still in the desert and you may think that it's just the burning heat of the summer that causes dehydration, believe me the winter is just as bad or worse... the forced hot air heat sucks all the moisture out of everything... leaving our skin our lips, our feet, our hands, our cuticles... everything is DRY!
so my secret is..... homemade sugar scrub... yes i am sharing my amazing recipe for sugar scrub. just equal parts of olive oil and sugar... that's it!
for my own health reasons i don't use any store bought products on my skin, i have had a cosmetology license for 25 yrs so when i started having skin problems i figured m
yself qualified to make my own beauty products...
so just get yourself a mug or bowl and mix away... i like mixing with my fingers because i can get my cuticles....! star is addicted, she prefers the brown sugar, but sometimes i make it with white sugar... i like how it feels on my face...
now when you try this you may have your first experience of your body talking to you.... when you get a handful and start to scrub, you will hear your other body parts say "do me next!" so scrub away girls! get rid of all that dead skin! just take it right into the shower and give yourself a little spa treatment....! (one more little secret... in a pretty container, it makes a nice handmade christmas gift!)
happy thursday everyone! thanks miss jenny!


  1. Woo! I love secrets!! your scrub sounds great!
    Who doesn't like a little spa treatment? : )

  2. Bless you...I too live in the high desert. (4500ft but in Idaho). The winters are brutal on the skin, skin, are the best! Happy Alphabethursday! And here is to natural skin/stink care

  3. Thanks for sharing the secret. . .

    always looking for great gift ideas.


  4. I love a good scrub. I have an almond one I've been using for a few years. I am looking for a good seaweed soak to help balance out my crazy acidic body - got any suggestions friend?

  5. That is so awesome! Me and my youngest daughter suffer from dry skin so I am DEFINITELY trying this out!
    :) Gina

  6. Great idea! Sounds simple and effective! Happy Alphbe-Thursday!

  7. I live in NM so this will come in handy! No punn intended. Thanks!

  8. You are so so incredible! I'm so impressed. BTW Griffin is addicted to your sugar scrub. He wants to use it every night:)

  9. Awesome. I would be kind of scared to try it . Are there any risks? What about those with acne?

  10. I like the way this sounds. My skin is already begging me to run to the shower with the sugar and olive oil.


  11. i am so happy that everyone enjoys hearing a good secret!
    jeanette, i haven't worked on any seaweed soaks... i will have to do some research for you!
    jackie, your right this is probably not best for acne... but i do have some good recipes for acne i will those for you... blessings are all around and i am happy to share! (;

  12. Finally a use for all that sugar that we never use! Thanks for a great idea!

  13. I could use a facial scrub, and sugar I have. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  14. I live in a desert region and winters are way worse than summer. This is awesome. I just need to pick up some olive oil and get started! Thanks for sharing.

  15. This does help. Especially on feet!

    I've made this before with essential oils and it does make a lovely gift.

    I want to go make some now because that feeling is so wonderful. My husband always worries that it will clog up the drain, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I wanted to tell you when you link to click on the title of your new post...this is what comes up when you click on this particular title: and link THAT into the linky instead of your main blog. It will take your readers directly to the post!

    I enjoyed my stop here today!

    Thank you for participating...and Happy Thanksgiving.