Friday, November 19, 2010

grandparents day!

this week for grandparents day i wanted to share my dad! my father was born on the 4 the of april 1937 in honobia, le flore county, oklahoma. my father's life is a miracle in itself! he was born in a log cabin, and the way his mother told him the story, he was not breathing when he was born... so she put him in a basket and covered him with a blanket and went about cleaning up from the birth and after about 30 minutes he started coughing and choking and fought his way into life!
my father's birth certificate said "baby boy mckeever" until he was 25 yrs old and had to get a birth certificate... his family just called him "sonny" until he was 3 and decided to name himself alvie dock, after his fathers parole officer. he tells the story "when daddy was in prison, his paro
le officer would come up to the house to check on mama and us kids..."
i am sharing a picture of him and star in the fall of 'o8 when he built the grow beds, one of him as the cutest 3 yr old who every lived, one of the house he grew up in and my favorite, his graduation picture (which looks just like my son)
he worked for the santa fe railroad for 45 yrs, he has been married to my mother fo
r 48 yrs. my father has hiked the grand canyon more times than anyone of us can count... once when he was 53 he went rim to rim to rim in less than 24 hrs... yes he is the super grandpa! he still hikes every where he goes and gathers and carves walking sticks (we have all decided that i will be building an etsy shop to sell them because he has more than he can use...) he was unable to sit still though his retirement so he now drives a school bus and is everyone's favorite! my father has 18 almost 19 grandchildren and now 2 almost 3 great grandchildren...
i have been blessed with a father more amazing than words can say and i love him more and more every day! when ever i am having a bad day he says "don't let it getcha down!" (of course with the amazing cool oklahoma accent)
be thankful for your grandparents... i know my kids love theirs! happy friday to all! (:


  1. I love my grandpa!! He is amazing and kind and wonderful! we are so lucky:)

  2. Grandparents are so important!
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    Happy grandparenting,

    Lydia Harris

  3. What a fantastic father & grandfather! You truly are blessed!

  4. I love your post here. What a great story of your dad. And how wonderful to have all the old photos. He really is a cute 3 year old :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!