Saturday, November 27, 2010

snow on thanksgiving day?!

yes it's true... it snowed here...! it was so cold all day... i actually loved this photo... it is so us... i love the humming bird feeder hanging there hopefully... we held on to the last bit of summer.... everything is frozen now..... but the sun shines bright no matter what! (:


  1. yeah i really love the shadows from the willows...! cool, look how she is looking at them too!

  2. Beautiful! I would LOVE snow - we live in the dessert so we don't have really varied seasons - this is such a great shot and she is beautiful!
    We are looking forward to Tangled - glad you loved it, oxxo

  3. Looks lovely but oh so cold. Have the hummingbirds gone somewhere warm?

  4. A very lovely photo. I love the look of freshly fallen snow. And the name of your town is so cute-Snowflake. We just got back from my dad's in northern Wisconsin and was able to have a little bit of snow there during our visit. During the time living in Holloman AFB, NM-San Antonio, TX-Tulsa, OK-Ft Campbell, KY-and even southern Georgia (all places that you typically don't see much or any snow), we have had a little unexpected snowfall, a few that happened in late March.

    Blessings & Aloha!