Friday, November 26, 2010


we went to see tangled yesterday as opposed to sitting and eating food all afternoon... star loved it! she leaned over during the movie and whispered
to me "mom this is the best movie ever!"
it was so cute! the people who were sitting beside us
commented on her amazing hair do...
as the girl with the amazingly natural blond hair
whose mother is a hairdresser of 25 yrs. she could
really get into a disney remake of Rapunzel!
nice! really fun day! (:


  1. You have a beautiful daughter and I love what you did with her pretty locks. Our children are grown and living out of state and no grandbabies yet...but I have been wanting to see that movie too :o) I do love computer animation and have some computer animated and Disney DVDs and videos from when our children were younger, that I am holding on to for when we do have grandchildren :o)

    I also read your profile that you have a grown son and then your daughter years later. My brother is 11yrs younger than me and then my mom had my sister when our older daughter was about 9months my sister is about 20 years younger than me :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. I loved that movie as well. The lantern scene was just perfect cinematography. I crrrrrrried like a weeeeee bay-bee!