Thursday, April 28, 2011

b is for birdhouse

b is for birdhouse... birdhouse: an artificial nesting site for birds...

yes that's right the dictionary actually used the word "artificial" for some reason that struck me... i have always felt a kinship to birds. i have always admired penguins the way they buck the bird system by being swimmers instead of fliers. i love that eagles are such majestic loners. i love that hawks mate for life. i love that birds are really committed parents for about 6 weeks. i love that birds are a symbol of spring. i love that birds are able to fly away! i have always had dreams that i could fly... i love that birds are the only animals that can talk, i love love love everything about birds!

when i decided that i could make time to do alphabe-thursday i really thought obviously b is for birds, until saw the word birdhouse in my dictionary...
i have thought many times that i have been like a mother bird trying to fly while carrying my young! it has not been easy being homeless, but now that we have a place of our own i have been able to look back and contemplate what has happened. i have decided that a birdhouse never was the place for me! i feel myself finally taking flight and i feel very much at home now!
just for today, let yourself be free, free of judgement, free of critsism, free of stress, free of fear, free of restraints, free to be yourself! and keep in mind that no matter how cute your bird house is it is an artificial place for your soul. soaring free is the place your soul belongs! happy thursday!


  1. Love it.... my soul wants to soar also...



  2. Beautiful and very wise advice. Happy Thursday to you too!

  3. I have the most adorable little mates out my kitchen window making a spring nest in my "artificial nesting site"! I for one am soooo glad! Happy AlphabeThursday!

  4. This reminds me of the fact that this earth is not my final home but that I'm just passing through. Glad you feel at home. Soaring free sounds real good :0)

  5. What wonderful words! We all need to take the time to fly.

  6. This was a beautiful, hopeful post. You have such a positive spirit in spite of what sounds to be big obstacles in your life.

    I'm glad you have a safe place to grow and soar.

    Thanks for sharing this uplifting link with us.


  7. So much truth... Thanks for sharing!

  8. love the word birdhouse,