Sunday, March 13, 2011

sending love and prayers for japan...

on friday morning i woke star up for school and the first thing she said was "mom i had a really bad dream!" i climbed into bed with her for a quick morning snuggle before rushing into everyday life "what was it about?"
she was very upset and told me it was really bad "i don't want to tell you! then you might have it and you will be scared!" "i'll be fine, tell me what happened"
"a giant wave came and washed me away, i tried to swim out but i went under without my breath... and i wasn't alone everyone and a lot of things were under the water..."
i never watch the news so i didn't know anything about the tsunami till i got to work and my boss was listening to the news..."and all those poor people in japan..." she said
we all got chills when i told everyone about star's dream... we are all praying continually and sending large loads of love to all effected by this horrible seizure of our world...

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